Resilient economy

What does success look like?

Dartmoor’s diverse economy fosters traditional sectors; supports businesses that meet the needs of local communities; and encourages the growth of productive, innovative and resilient enterprise. Dartmoor is valued nationally for its outstanding natural and cultural capital which acts as a catalyst for inward investment and prosperity across the region, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. People who live in the National Park have the opportunity to work locally, and Dartmoor’s businesses have access to a skilled workforce.

How will this be achieved?

Partners will support a resilient economy by developing local markets:

  • From 2022 building a network which improves productivity through strengthening local supply chains, promoting local food and other products such as timber, and crafts and maximising Dartmoor branding as a marketing tool
  • In 2022 explore a joint project to support an ambitious natural capital market on Dartmoor which helps protect and manage natural and cultural assets and support growth across the region in the longer term
  • Encouraging the celebration of Dartmoor’s special qualities through culture and the arts, and encourage other knowledge based and skilled sectors such as IT, media and professional services
  • From 2022 developing a collaborative project which promotes innovation and depth in the tourism sector, developing opportunities to extend the season, creating more attractive full-time jobs. Build on the increasing demand for an ‘experience led’ offer and the green agenda in retail and tourism, encouraging new ways of working together and supporting collaboration between businesses which sustain Dartmoor’s special qualities.
  • Working in partnership to influence and access funding and support programmes which are appropriate for Dartmoor’s rural entrepreneurs and will encourage new businesses through providing start-up and early years business support, and access to loans and investment
  • Developing, from 2022, a network of public, private and third sector groups which help skills development and new businesses which promote health, social care and well-being to support Dartmoor’s older population

Dartmoor’s stakeholders will achieve growth and innovation by creating an environment for productivity:

  • Working in partnership to support communities in enabling high quality digital connectivity through extensive high-speed broadband coverage, and development of ultra-fast broadband and mobile provision in ways compatible with the protection of the National Park’s landscape and cultural heritage
  • From 2022, develop a Dartmoor business network which enables a better understanding of local businesses workforce needs, and supporting connections with skills and training providers so they can attract, upskill and retain a local workforce
  • Implementing the Local Plan from 2022, with clear local planning policies which encourage businesses to locate and grow where there is ready access to affordable housing and sustainable travel choices
  • Implementing the Local Plan from 2022, with clear local planning policies which support opportunities for affordable workspace, high quality workspace and the ability to homework enabling business to start up, grow in the National Park
  • Implementing the Local Plan from 2022, and revised Design Guidance in 2022, which help businesses transition to a low carbon economy through premises improvements, access to local agricultural, forestry and minerals resources, and maximise opportunities for green business growth.