Military training

Dartmoor has been an important location for military training for many years, fulfilling an important national requirement. This has in the past raised concerns regarding conflicts with the statutory purposes and special qualities due to restricted access and impacts of live firing on tranquillity.

However, management of the training area has also included positive management for wildlife and heritage assets. Military training was not raised as a significant issue during the public opinion survey or Dartmoor Debates. The long-term aspiration of the National Park Authority is that military training on Dartmoor is compatible with the statutory purposes of the National Park, specifically through ending live firing on Dartmoor. The Glover Review22 suggested that military training areas might be suitable as wilder areas of National Parks.


  • Management of the training areas by the MoD should support the Management Plan vision and objectives through positive management for access, nature, cultural heritage, responding to the climate and ecological emergency
  • Military training will continue to be overseen by the Dartmoor Steering Group and Working Party
  • Reviews of military training will be undertaken in line with the terms of the licenses