Better for the Next Generation

Dartmoor National Park Authority has supported a Next Generation group to ensure that the Next Generation are involved in the future of Dartmoor National Park. Their Manifesto accompanies this Plan and is a call to action from the Next Generation to influence how organisations and decision makers shape Dartmoor for its future communities, recreation users, visitors, businesses, young people, farmers and the environment, landscape and heritage. It includes their own Vision for Dartmoor:

Next Generation Vision

The National Park will be a place that the next generation can thrive in: a place to call home, a place to work, a place to explore and a place to protect and understand. The next generation will be supported on Dartmoor through reliable infrastructure and services, viable jobs and diverse career opportunities. Communities will thrive, traditions will be alive and there will be widespread recognition of the rural skills on offer.

There will also be a future for the environment and heritage of Dartmoor, it will be protected, enhanced and understood by all. Everyone will have the opportunity to visit and experience Dartmoor and it will remain one of Britain’s breathing spaces.

The National Park Authority will continue to work with the Next Generation and put in place mechanisms to enable young people to be involved in decision making and have more opportunities to get involved in responding to the calls to action. Stakeholders and other organisations will also play a role in delivering the calls to action, particularly in areas that fall outside of the Authority’s influence. As part of our monitoring and review of the Partnership Plan we will assess how we are delivering against the Next Generation Calls for Action.

The Next Generation ‘asks’ in the Manifesto relate to all the Themes in the Partnership Plan In summary these calls to action are:

Infrastructure and Services

Digital connectivity is essential for local residents, businesses and visitors. Improve mobile phone coverage, internet / broadband reliability and speed.

Provide good public transport throughout the year, connecting settlements within the National Park and surrounding areas.


Digital connectivity can only go so far. Young people need activities and social opportunities to help them feel part of the community, as well as avoiding feelings of isolation and issues with mental health.


Many young people are finding it difficult to stay in their communities. There needs to be a better understanding of young people’s housing needs and support / signposting to how to access housing.

Job Opportunities and Skills

Develop a Dartmoor scheme linking local schools and colleges to local employers to provide opportunities for young people through apprenticeships, internships and work experience.

Ensure that traditional skills and knowledge are passed on to the next generation and there are opportunities for young people that want to get into hill farming.


Promote a spirit of entrepreneurship on Dartmoor with funding and support to encourage young people to start their own businesses.

Provide community workspaces and hubs that are desirable to work in, connected, and encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Dartmoor’s Natural and Cultural Heritage

Help us (young people) to learn about what is special about Dartmoor and how we can help to conserve and enhance it.

Be bold and innovative to conserve and enhance the National Park for the next generation, to ensure that it is in better condition.

Provide opportunities for us (young people) to get involved with conservation projects.

Opportunities to Experience Dartmoor

Use social media to improve communication about how we (young people and users) can access and enjoy the National Park responsibly.

Develop a Dartmoor Ranger App with information about the local area, projects, routes and sensitivities that gives people the confidence to visit Dartmoor and use it in the right way.

Create a series of waymarked routes to help people to feel more confident exploring Dartmoor, and to make it more accessible.

Understanding and Respect

Provide opportunities for shared understanding between different groups and with local communities.

Identify ways to help visitors and user groups to understand the role farming plays in managing the landscape.