Developing the Plan

The Management Plan was prepared following extensive consultation and engagement with a wide range of people and organisations who have an interest in and care for the National Park.

Over the autumn and winter of 2012, the National Park Authority undertook a wide consultation and engagement process to identify the key issues and challenges facing the National Park over the next five years, and identify actions needed to address these. This included meetings with key partner organisations, a public online questionnaire, and a series of three workshops on the three themes of 'Sustain', 'Enjoy' and 'Prosper'.

Following on from this initial consultation, the National Park Authority prepared a draft Management Plan, responding to the issues and challenges identified. As partnership working is key to delivering the Management Plan, a period of consultation with key delivery partners was undertaken on the draft action plans during March and April 2013, to ensure that the actions identified were the right ones, and could be delivered.

Public consultation on the draft Management Plan was held from 24 May to 5 July 2013. The consultation was publicised on the front page of the DNPA website, via Twitter and Facebook, and articles in local newspapers. Copies of the consultation documents were made available:

  • via the DNPA website;
  • in the National Park Centres;
  • at local libraries and a number of information points in key settlements around the National Park and in adjoining areas; and
  • via the DNPA outreach vehicle.

All the Parish and Town Councils were sent copies, and a presentation on the draft Management Plan was made at a meeting of the National Park Forum. Partner organizations were also sent copies.

An online survey was set up for people to comment on the draft Management Plan, with hard copies available on request for those not able to respond electronically.

The results from this consultation are available here.