Preparation of the Plan

The Partnership Plan has been developed over 2019-20. This involved gathering evidence, considering the issues and opportunities, engaging with partners through a series of Dartmoor Debates, and seeking views through a public opinion survey. A draft of the Plan was publicly available and circulated between January and the end of May 2020, feedback sought and considered by stakeholder groups including the Dartmoor Hill Farm Project Steering Group, Natural Environment Working Group and Better for People Stakeholder Group. This consultation and consideration resulting in production of this final version of the Plan.

Dartmoor National Park Authority is working with a Next Generation group to ensure that the Next Generation are involved in the future of Dartmoor National Park. This group of young people, who live and work in, or visit, the National Park, has produced a Next Generation Manifesto as a call to action to influence how organisations and decision makers shape Dartmoor for its future communities, recreation users, visitors, businesses, young people, farmers and the environment, landscape and heritage. It includes their own Vision for Dartmoor. Specific calls for action are included in the Next Generation Manifesto which accompanies this Plan. The National Park Authority will continue to work with the Next Generation and put in place mechanisms to enable young people to be involved in decision making and have more opportunities to get involved.

The Partnership Plan’s contribution to sustainable development, and its potential impact on designated nature conservation sites were tested through a Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment.

Links to other Plans and Strategies

This National Park Partnership Plan is one of two important statutory documents that guide activity, decision-making and investment on Dartmoor; the other is the Local Plan. The two documents are distinct and different, although they both have the same overall objective to help deliver National Park purposes. The Local Plan sets the policies which guide planning decisions about development and the use of land. The Partnership Plan is a broader strategic plan that sets out a long-term vision for Dartmoor and provides the framework for partnership working to deliver this.

It also provides the strategic context for more specific plans and strategies for example on nature recovery or recreation management, which will help deliver the long-term Vision for Dartmoor.

The Partnership Plan takes forward relevant national and international policies, such as the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan and 8 Point Plan for National Parks, in a way that reflects local circumstances. It responds to the recommendations of the Glover review, particularly in relation to climate change, improving natural capital, nature recovery, engagement with young people and a more diverse range of visitors, and addressing the challenges of an ageing population. It also takes account of the policies and strategies of other local bodies or organisations which work in the National Park. It does not however, override any other specific legislative requirements or consent processes.