Forces for change

There are many forces for change that will influence Dartmoor’s future. Some, such as climate change or national policy and legislation, are things that we need to respond to although they are outside the direct control of the delivery partners. Some of the key issues raised during preparation of the Partnership Plan are listed below:

The implications of climate change, and the opportunity to respond both in terms of reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses, and adapting to the changes in climate already being experienced and predicted

The pressures arising from increased visitor numbers, driven by new housing and development in surrounding areas leading to increased erosion; anti-social behaviour; traffic congestion; disturbance to wildlife and livestock; and resulting in conflicts with farmers and local communities.

The challenges facing the natural environment including declines in biodiversity; disruption of natural processes; inappropriate (or lack of) land management; soil compaction and erosion; increased flood risk; invasive species, pests and diseases

Uncertainty over the future of upland farming and forestry particularly in the light of Brexit and what changes to markets, policy and funding will follow. However, if framed correctly the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) could provide an opportunity to enhance Dartmoor and support sustainable farm businesses

The implications of an ageing population and falling numbers of working age people living on Dartmoor; high house prices driven by the attractiveness of the National Park as a place to live; and low wage levels in key sectors such as agriculture, tourism and leisure.