The Plan

The Management Plan is divided into a number of sections. Central to the Plan is the overall Vision and Ambitions, setting out where we want to be in 20 years' time. The Vision has three themes of 'Sustain', 'Enjoy', and 'Prosper', which form the structure for the remaining elements of the Plan. Within each of the three themes are a number of Priorities which will provide the focus for action over the next five years. The following Priorities were identified through consultation and analysis:
  • The Future of farming and forestry
  • Spectacular landscapes and natural networks
  • Making the most of cultural heritage
  • Enjoying Dartmoor
  • Prosperous Dartmoor
  • Community focus

Progress towards delivery of the Vision will be monitored to inform future action. A set of 'core values' has also been identified which will guide how we work together to deliver the Plan.

There is also a printable summary of the Management Plan

The following diagram sets out the structure of this Management Plan and how the different elements link together.

Flow diagram