Understanding Dartmoor’s cultural heritage and its importance

What does success look like?

Dartmoor’s cultural heritage is better understood. Local communities, visitors and other stakeholders’ value, understand and are engaged with Dartmoor’s rich cultural history which contributes to the sense of place.

How will this be achieved?

Partners will achieve an increased understanding by facilitating research on priority aspects of Dartmoor’s cultural heritage, as defined in the Cultural Heritage Research Framework, including the following priorities:  

  • Continue to participate as partners in research projects led by academic institutions where appropriate and possible
  • Encourage and facilitate the timely publication of ongoing research projects and actively pursue the establishment of new links with academic institutions
  • By the end of 2023 Partners will work with academic institutions to provide training opportunities for students and volunteers.
  • DNPA will continue to host an annual Local History Day to enable local researchers to network and hear about the latest research.
  • By the end of 2023 DNPA will have established an annual, public cultural heritage seminar which will enable the latest findings on Dartmoor’s cultural heritage to be presented to the public

We will achieve increased understanding by ensuring that all hard copy documents and images held by DNPA are accessible and fully incorporated into the Historic Environment Record:

  • From 2023 all hard copy reports, plans and images will be digitized and catalogued.
  • We will ensure that the results of research concerning Dartmoor’s historic environment is accessioned to the Historic Environment Record (HER) as soon as possible
  • By the end of 2022 work in partnership to ensure the HER remains publicly accessible, and identify ways to ensure it is fully funded and extend opportunities for volunteers to contribute.

We will achieve increased understanding by fostering and promoting a sense of community and place through engagement, experience and skills:

  • Aim to hold at least ten local archaeological and history events annually, including annual conferences, a walks & talks programme, seminars and skills training and community field works opportunities.
  • By the end of 2022 we will work in partnership and seek funding to support innovative community heritage projects
  • We will achieve greater community engagement through an active programme of archaeological conservation projects and fieldwork opportunities. By the end of 2023 partners will establish a Dartmoor archaeological volunteers group trained in fieldwork to undertake site assessment, condition assessment and contribute to an active programme of archaeological conservation projects and fieldwork opportunities in place.
  • From 2022 pursue the development of a new ‘Adopt a Monument’ scheme.