Stimulating green travel

What does success look like?

There are fewer cars on the road, and no congestion or inappropriate parking, as people arrive by other means of transport.

How will this be achieved?

We will achieve this by developing a green transport strategy (by end 2022) to increase the number of people accessing and moving around the National Park sustainably, including the following actions:

  • From 2023 develop and promote a network of multi-functional bus services to and around Dartmoor, linking settlements and rail links. These networks should be dual function, providing services that serve the needs of local residents, are affordable and carry bikes
  • From 2023 use new technology to improve service and reduce carbon emissions
  • Deliver a coordinated network of electric vehicle charging points and develop an e-bike charging network, working with local businesses and tourist attractions
  • By the end of 2025 develop safe multi-user route networks as part of the Strategy, providing a strategic network to get people to and around the National Park and increase length of stay
  • From 2023 develop a communication strategy to encourage non car-based travel
  • By the end of 2022 extend car park charges to support delivery of National Park purposes.