More Visitors Leave No Trace

What does success look like?

Across Dartmoor people from all backgrounds and ages are enjoying the National Park, undertaking activities of their choice.  Visitors are spread out through time and space, even on the busiest days.

You are still able to find peace and solitude and some areas are quiet, as sanctuaries for nature.

Visitors leave no trace of their visit; they understand and respect the environment, each other and the people living and working here.

Existing and potential new visitors can find good and consistent information from the point they start to plan their visit right through to the point they start their activity

Local businesses are thriving and are supported by our visitors.  There is less conflict, and local communities and farmers welcome visitors.

How will this be achieved?

Partners will achieve this by working together across the boundary to ensure that people make informed and responsible choices about visiting the National Park.  We will manage recreation, employing a zonal approach as shown in the Recreation Strategy Map, with the following priorities for action:

  • Green space in new development: work with adjoining Local Planning Authorities to seek to ensure that all new development near the National Park has local green recreational space allocated for everyday activities and dog walks
  • Information: by the end of 2023 work with one Local Housing Authority to develop and pilot a “Welcome Pack” for new residents purchasing or renting property in large new housing developments close to Dartmoor; the Welcome Pack will contain information about the Countryside Code, countryside recreation opportunities and sustainable transport options.  This pilot will be evaluated and rolled out across all local authority areas if successful.
  • Linking town and country: From 2023 develop and deliver a targeted campaign, to promote off road walking and cycling routes to the National Park and fill gaps in current provision
  • Town Hubs: By the end of 2025 work with 5 local communities to promote Dartmoor’s towns as hubs for visitors to increase economic benefit and promote sustainable modes of onward travel.
  • Areas of Opportunity: By the end of 2023, work with local stakeholders to develop and implement improved recreation opportunities for local communities and visitors on the A38 corridor Area of Opportunity.
  • Heavily Used Sites: As a partnership manage the Postbridge and Bellever area as a heavily used site. By the end of 2023 develop an Area Management Plan for the land to the west of Princetown.
  • Events: Continue to positively manage large scale Recreation Events in line with the agreed policy.
  • Nature Recovery Areas’ (NRAs): Recreation activity will be managed to ensure nature recovery is supported.
  • Trial innovative management approaches at peak times when visitor pressure is likely to lead to congestion, damage, conflict or disturbance
  • Through the Dartmoor Rural Crime Initiative and working closely with the Dartmoor farming community continue to address priority issues: anti-social behaviour, livestock worrying & attacks by dogs, wildlife & heritage crime, litter and initiatives to improve safety for people and animals on Dartmoor roads
  • From 2022 continue working with Dartmoor Specials on Dartmoor patrols to have an increased police presence reinforcing messages around anti-social behaviour.
  • Explore opportunities to work in partnership with District Councils as part of the Community Protection Notice system to address anti-social behaviour
  • Support and expand opportunities for voluntary wardens and other volunteers to help with engagement and education in order to reduce antisocial behaviour and encourage more responsible visits to the National Park
  • By the end of 2023 develop a costed plan to sustainably manage erosion and seek resources to deliver.