Developing markets

What does success look like?

Value-added products from agricultural and forestry enterprises which are supported by the local economy through enhanced supply chains, processing infrastructure and well-known point-of-sale brands and quality assurance.  New products are developed to support a sustainable future for local businesses.

How will this be achieved?

2020 saw a renewed interest in local food and a growth in demand for high quality low carbon food. Dartmoor is a Livestock producing area with extensively reared animals mainly provided by small family farms that often use common land as part of the farming system. In addition, the area is blessed with a range of artisan food producers and a number of community supported agriculture projects. Many of these food producers have strong associations with the landscape of the National Park and help to support its core purposes.

Dartmoor’s stakeholders will achieve our shared aims by adding value to existing products and markets whilst developing new opportunities for the land-based sector on Dartmoor, including the following priorities:

  • Support existing collaborative selling and buying groups such as Dartmoor Farmers Association and Meat Dartmoor. Help to develop and promote a ‘Dartmoor Brand’ that provides the tools for producers to link their products to the landscape and its key habitats and species. Working in partnership, by 2023 seek to develop a scoping study that can address issues of environmental husbandry, animal health and welfare and fair trade.  The study will explore market potential.
  • Through existing resources such as the Dartmoor Food Directory, National Park Visitor Centres and marketing programmes develop a media strategy that links food produced on Dartmoor with the environment and seasons. This work will link to other actions within the Farming and Forestry actions
  • Work with local communities and authorities in the Dartmoor ‘hinterland’ to develop a strong, high environmental-value food culture that links town and country building on the Dartmoor Community Food hub and community supported agriculture initiatives.