Monitoring success

Monitoring of the Plan is important in helping us to:

  • understand whether the actions or projects the Plan is seeking to do are happening
  • understand whether these actions are having an impact ‘on the ground’
  • identify new or evolving issues which may need to be considered

A monitoring framework for the new Partnership Plan will be published here in due course.

The Annual Progress Reports enable us to monitor whether actions or projects are coming forward. We also periodically carry out a State of the Park Report. The most recent was published in 2017 State of the Park 2017 – this report gives us an understanding of the state of the National Park; identifying issues, informing priorities, and helping us to see the impact of everyone’s work.

Get involved!

During the last Plan period there has been an increased focus on community involvement in monitoring, such as encouraging local wildlife or conservation groups to feed in the data they collect and a greater sharing of information and knowledge.

The Partnership Plan is for Dartmoor, Your Dartmoor. If there is a way that you can contribute to its delivery, then please let us know.

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