Priority: Making the most of cultural heritage

– conserving and enhancing the archaeology and historic built environment and helping people to discover more about Dartmoor’s heritage

Dartmoor has one of the most important collections of archaeological landscapes in western Europe, revealing a chronology of human activity stretching back over 8,000 years, from ancient field systems to the legacy of tin working. A strong medieval settlement pattern of scattered farmsteads, hamlets, villages and towns and their settings within enclosed farmland surrounded the open moor, linked by an intricate pattern of ancient routes and droveways.

What are the issues and opportunities?

  • Heritage assets at risk, including threats to archaeology from increased vegetation, climate change, poor condition of listed buildings, and loss of character of conservation areas.
  • Helping people to discover and understand more about Dartmoor’s unique natural and cultural heritage.
  • Enabling future viable use of historic buildings and managing change in the historic built environment.
  • Loss of cultural heritage, such as threats to local fairs, traditions, and so on.

What are we trying to achieve?

In responding to these challenges, we have identified the following three key areas where action should be focused over the Plan period:

  • community heritage projects;
  • identify, protect and conserve heritage assets;
  • increasing understanding and awareness of Dartmoor’s cultural heritage.

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