Dartmoor, an inspirational place where:

  • local communities and businesses prosper and benefit from Dartmoor's human and natural resources.

Dartmoor is a living, working landscape, and is home to around 34,000 residents (2011 census). Alongside the agricultural and tourism businesses, which provide a key link between the management of the National Park and its enjoyment by both visitors and locals, there is a diverse range of other businesses that play an important role in sustaining the local economy and providing employment. The settlement pattern has been long established on Dartmoor, with a number of larger towns around the periphery, and many small villages and hamlets scatted throughout the moor, generally nestled in the sheltered river valleys and vales.


A number of more specific Ambitions are particularly relevant to the 'Prosper' theme:

Economic Activity – Broad ranging economic activity is consistent with Dartmoor’s special qualities and provides local sources of employment.

Tourism – Tourism on Dartmoor is high quality and sustainable, making a positive contribution to the environment, local economy, and communities of the National Park.

Community Wellbeing – Dartmoor communities thrive, and benefit from access to a range of local services, amenities, housing, and employment opportunities.

Cultures and Traditions – Local communities, cultures, skills, and traditional ways of rural life continue to be sustained and celebrated as defining characteristics of Dartmoor.

Development – Development makes a positive contribution to thriving communities, through high quality, sympathetic and well-informed design, conserving the quality and distinctiveness of the built environment and reinforcing local character.

Carbon and Energy – Dartmoor is an exemplar of carbon reduction and climate change adaptation through carbon storage, energy efficiency, decarbonising products, and the production of renewable energy and heat.

Military Training – All military training on Dartmoor is consistent with National Park purposes, and Defence Training Estate land is managed as an exemplar of conservation and recreational opportunity.

In delivering the long-term Vision and Ambitions under the Prosper theme, the following two Priorities have been identified which will guide future action and partnership working.

'Prosper' Priorities

  1. Prosperous Dartmoor – enabling a diverse, resilient economy that is consistent with the special qualities of the National Park.
  2. Community focus – supporting and empowering local communities to help meet identified needs.

Further details are given in the Action Plans.