Dartmoor, an inspirational place where:

  • the local people and visitors enjoy and learn more about the National Park.

Around 2.3 million people visit Dartmoor every year; it provides a place where people come to escape, enjoy the beautiful scenery and tranquillity, and take part in recreational activities. With a resident population of around 34,000 (2011 census) and over 675,000 people living within 30 minutes' drive, Dartmoor provides an important centre for recreation and leisure. As a result, the National Park is playing an increasing role in encouraging active lifestyles and supporting health and wellbeing. The second purpose of the National Park’s designation is to promote opportunities for the  understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the area by the public. However, such activities bring with them their own pressures, particularly at popular sites, and a key focus for the Plan period is to manage these pressures to ensure that people can continue to enjoy and learn about Dartmoor, and that places of tranquillity and solitude remain. Where possible, and as funding allows, access will be improved in some areas of the National Park.


A number of more specific Ambitions are particularly relevant to the ‘Enjoy’ theme:

Landscape and Tranquillity – Dartmoor is celebrated for its distinctive landscapes and provides the opportunity to experience wildness, solitude, tranquillity, dark night skies and a sense of space.

Information and Communication – People's understanding and enjoyment of Dartmoor National Park is enhanced by high quality and accessible information.

Learning and Education – High quality, diverse learning experiences are available for everyone to enable them to understand, value and contribute to the conservation and enhancement of Dartmoor.

Recreation and Access – Dartmoor offers a variety of access and recreational opportunities for everyone seeking inspiration, peace and active recreation in harmony with each other, the local community and the area’s special qualities.

Tourism – Tourism on Dartmoor is high quality and sustainable, making a positive contribution to the environment, local economy and communities of the National Park.

In delivering the long-term Vision and Ambitions under the Enjoy theme, one Priority has been identified which will guide future action and partnership working.

'Enjoy' Priority

  1. Enjoying Dartmoor – helping people to enjoy and learn about Dartmoor, with a particular focus on managing access and visitor pressure at areas of heavy recreation use.

Further details are given in the Action Plan.