Walker at Watern TorEvidence

Dartmoor faces a number of challenges affecting the special qualities and delivery of ecosystem services, both of immediate concern and with longer term implications. This Management Plan is set within the context of global drivers such as climate change and a time of austerity in the global economy.

An assessment of the current State of the National Park was carried out in 2010 which provides key datasets for the identification of issues and priorities for the Management Plan, and a baseline against which outcomes can be monitored.

The production of a revised National Character Area profile for Dartmoor (NCA No. 150) by Natural England also provides an important evidence base. The information from this monitoring was supplemented by an extensive review of relevant legislation, policy, strategy and local evidence, and from widespread consultation.

The key drivers and challenges facing Dartmoor that were identified through the review processes are summarised in the report 'Issues and Challenges'.