Action Plans

The action plan is updated annually with contributions from the lead organisation for each action to explain progress with in that year. Below is the updated action plans and progress reports for 2014 - 2019. Each year the Action plan is updated and the Steering Group consider the progress and make recommendations to the board.  The Delivery Board then review the Action Plan picking up the progress identified in the Annual Progress Report and any other concerns raised by the steering group.


Action Plan 2014

Progress Report 2014


The 2015 Action Plan reflects the discussions and recommendations from the steering group meeting and discussions by the Delivery Board to produce an updated plan for 2015. Each new action has been slotted in under the appropriate Priority and action but are numbered to follow on from the last used number in the 2014 plan (139). Below is a copy of the 2015 Action Plan with annual updates.

Action Plan 2015

Progress Report 2015


The 2016 Action plan does not contain any new actions and all actions have been updated where an update has been received.

Action Plan 2016

Progress report 2016